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Students Behaviour and Well-being

At IQRA we take student behaviour and wellbeing very seriously. Our team uses a variety of approaches to ensure that our school is one that is nurturing and safe for young learners. It is important that students and their families, are aware of their rights and responsibilities around this important area. 

We have developed the IQRA way.
































Listening to and responding to Students and Parents: 


It is important for us to know about issues so we can be proactive and do something about it. 

We are committed to upholding the mana of our students. We do this by responding to concerns raised by students and or their families with discretion and respecting privacy where necessary. 

Students are encouraged to inform their classroom teacher or duty teacher of they have an issue. When students raise a concern, our team investigate and gather all of the relevant information from the student and from any other relevant parties, so that they can make the best choices about how to proceed. 

Minor concerns are often dealt with by clarifying the wider context for all parties involved.

Major issues may involve school leaders and parents.

Classroom teachers regularly discuss and check in with school leaders about any learning, behavioural or emotional concerns they have about individual or groups of students. 

We are committed to upholding the mana of our students. We do this by responding to concerns raised by students and or their families with discretion and respecting privacy where necessary. 


We have an open-door policy where we welcome parents to contact their child’s class teacher in the first instance regarding concerns for their child. 

If the matter is of a more serious nature, please contact a member of the senior leadership team. 

Emotionally Safe Environment

Classroom teachers regularly promote and talk about student well-being, safety and positive behaviour during class time. As a special character school we use stories of the prophets and Sahaba to promote Adaab and Akhlaq in our school. 

As a school we celebrate students who make the right choice with our Greenie awards during assemblies each Wednesday. We also celebrate students who exhibit our school values, both in and out of the classroom. In addition to this we also celebrate our students hard work with our ‘student of the week certificates’. 


Incredible Years Teachers Program

Our Classroom Teachers are currently receiving professional development in the incredible years teaching program. The incredible years for teachers program provides teachers with strategies to:

  • build positive relationships with students

  • proactively prevent behaviour problems

  • using attention, encouragement and praise to turn behaviour around

  • motivate students by giving them incentives

  • help students learn social skills, empathy, and problem-solving

  • use appropriate consequences for undesirable behaviour.

We encourage our teachers to foster and create positive leaning environments in which students take risks and learn from mistakes. 

We promote a positive outlook towards learning and adopt a ‘Growth Mindset’. The IQRA way and our school values focus and encourage respectful speech and actions in and out of the classroom. 

A physically safe environment

The school takes a rigorous approach to ensuring the environment is physically safe for all. Our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures ensure that any hazards identified are quickly eliminated, minimized or mitigated.

Where students undertake Education Outside the Classroom, we ensure that suitable risk assessment procedures (RAMs) are completed to mitigate against any real or perceived risk.

We promote inclusivity and participation in our approach to sports teams representing our school. As a small school, we encourage our students to try out and represent our school in tournaments outside of school.

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School policies: 

You can view all our policies on Iqra Doc website

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