Mrs. Christine McLiesh - Principal

Mrs. Sara Al-Batniji - Deputy Principal

I am excited to lead IQRA in the first term as acting principal. I have been teaching for the last 10 years and I still love it, I am passionate about students  learning to their potential and striving for excellence. I am also passionate about integrating e-learning into the classroom to ensure our learners are ready to be global citizens. I strive to ensure that all students are engaged and motivated with learning targeted at their level. 


Ms. Hajera Sharif - Assistant principal / Room 8 Teacher - Year 3

Hi, my name is Hajera and I am the year 3 class teacher. I have been teaching at IQRA Elementary for 4 years now. I love teaching younger children as this is my passion. My teaching philosophy is to allow students to bring their own prior knowledge to the classroom and I help build upon this. Students undergo a lot of learning outside the classroom, in their day to day lives and I feel as teachers it is very important to understand and celebrate this. I also enjoy talking to and meeting parents, I believe in celebrating success and working with individual families to help students excel.


Ms. Sajdah Nazif - Room 7 Teacher - Year 2

 Assalamu Alaykom, My name is Sajdah Nazif. I come from the wonderful land of Afghanistan. My favorite set of hobbies are shopping and spending time with my huge and loving family. I also love sports, especially soccer and Netball.  I joined IQRA when it was just a little seed, back then I was a  beginning teacher. In the two years that I have spent in IQRA, I have gained so much experience and had heaps of fun along the way. As a teacher, I find it so rewarding when I see my students progress. I enjoy working with my students and building a class family. Each year at IQRA, we have gone on trips as a school and have created wonderful memories that will forever be engraved in our school’s history. I am so blessed to be a part of the IQRA family and cannot wait to see what the future has in stall for us! 

​​ Mrs. Ghada Smaik - Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher

My name is Ghada Smaik. I am returning to IQRA to teach Arabic Studies as well as help to further develop the Arabic curriculum. I will be teaching year 4, 5 and 6 students. I will also be teaching Quran to some of the classes. My qualification is in Sharia law and Arabic Studies. I look forward to working with you all.

 Mrs. Fazleen Azim - Room 3 Teacher - Year 4

Assalam walaikum. My name is Fazleen Azim and I am teaching Year 3 and 4 class at Iqra Elementary School. This is my second year of teaching and previously in my first year I have taught year 6 students. I hold a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) from The University of Auckland. I was born in the beautiful Fiji Islands and have got migrated to New Zealand when I was 10 years old. I am a mother of two children. I am passionate about teaching and curious about the world and love learning new things. My teaching philosophy will surely change as I grow as a teacher, but currently my belief is that all children deserve the same rights to education. Teachers have a right to teach. Students have a right to learn.” I promote the inclusive practice and aim to create life-long, self-directed learners, which is a key aspect of my  teaching philosophy. I am really excitedto be part of the Iqra team and looking forward to help my learners both cognitivelyand socially, and therefore reach their highest potential as future citizens.

Mrs. Ayesha Tariq - Room 6 Teacher - Year 1

Assalamo Alaikum. I am the classroom teacher of the little champions of Room 8. I would like to extend heart felt greetings to everyone as I join Iqra Elementary School this term. Let me take this  opportunity to briefly introduce myself.

I have a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and another Bachelor’s in Education (teaching). I have taught various age groups of students for over 4 years at different schools in Jeddah, KSA. Since I moved to Auckland with my family, I have been doing relief work at different schools including Zayed College.

I am profusely thrilled and excited to be part of the Iqra family and looking forward to a fun-filled learning term ahead.


Mrs. Zainab Farooqi - Room 4 Teacher - Year 5


My name is Zainab Farooqi. I am excited to be currently working in Room 4. I had a wonderful first week at Iqra Elementary School meeting our enthusiastic students, staff and some parents. I have a Masters in Education and have been teaching for the past eleven years in Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE. I have taught children of different age groups and have extensive experience working with children with special education needs and disabilities. I look forward to meeting you in the coming days. Please feel free to introduce yourself and have a chat.

Our Staff