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  • School starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 3:30 p.m.

  • Students must be present at 8:30 am to take part in teaching and learning activities.

  • Regular attendance at school ensures that your child has the best learning opportunities.

  • The earliest students can come to school is 8:00 am. The students should be picked up from school at 3:30.

  • The school is required to mark attendance twice a day.

  • Parents are expected to provide a medical certificate or a letter  justifying the reason of the absence if it’s not sickness related or more than two consecutive days. If absence takes place without communication the student absent will get an unjustified absence.

  • Late students must sign-in on the reception tablet.


  • If your child is late or is sick you can use Skool Loop to let the school know alternatively you can call the school office.

Justified absences.

  •  Unplanned absence such as accidents, road closures or extreme weather conditions

  •  Planned non-attendance such as local representation in a sporting or cultural event in New Zealand or Overseas 

Unjustified absence.

  • The reason for absence does not fit within the school’s policy as a justifiable absence however is accepted by the school as the reason for the absence.

  • New Zealand and Overseas holidays during term time.

  • If you are considering a holiday either in or outside of New Zealand during term time, an email to the acting principal is requested outlining the reasons for the holiday. It may be that the leave can be justified. The classroom teacher and the enrolment officer should also be included in the email.


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