School timing

  • School starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 3:30 p.m.

  • Students must be present at 8:30 am to take part in teaching and learning activities.

  • The earliest students can come to school is 8:00 am. The students should be picked from school at 3:30.

  • Parents are requested to inform the administration if their child is sick or going to be absent or late.

  • Parents are expected to provide a medical certificate or a letter from the guardian justifying the reason of the absence if it’s not sickness related. If absence takes place without communication the student absent will get unjustified absence.

Morning lateness and absence

  •  Students need to be at school no later than 8.35am. If they are late parents are required to fill in the late- sign in book.


Uniform and general appearance

  • School uniform is compulsory.

  • Hair should be off the face, tied if long enough (girls).

  • Long nails and nail polish is not allowed.

  • Only plain black shoes (low heeled for girls) are allowed. Slippers are not allowed.

  • Only regular haircuts are allowed (boys).



  • Parents are expected to help their children to take care of their personal hygiene.

  • Hair, fingernails, teeth, etc. should be cleaned regularly.

  • In case of head lice parents are requested to keep their affected children at home for at least 3 days till hair is totally clean.


Classroom conduct

  • Our students are expected to adhere to the following instructions regarding classroom conduct.

  • Be active learners and come prepared to school.

  • No eating or drinking inside the classroom unless permitted by the teacher.

  • Seek permission from classroom teacher to leave the class or before entering another class.

  • Be responsible towards themselves, others and the environment.

  • Be respectful towards themselves, others and the environment.


School code of conduct

  • Play in the assigned area and not in classrooms, bathrooms, or hallways.

  • No littering.

  • No glass bottles, soft drinks, chips, chewing gum or fast food to school

  • Use of any bad language at all or fighting with anyone inside or outside the classroom is not allowed.

  • Taking good care of school property.

  • No digital devices are allowed to be used without supervision, this includes iPad, Laptops, Mp3/mp4/iPod, and mobile phone.

  • No jewellery is allowed, apart from stud earrings for girls.

  • No toys or sharing of toys.


School management system and school website

  • We expect parents to keep track of the information provided by school through notices, newsletters and websites. The parents are welcome to seek clarifications and followup on different aspects of school life through contactins school.


Parent-teacher meetings

  • Parents are welcome to request a special meeting with teachers after coordinating an appointment with the Admin.

  • Parents are advised to participate in all meetings and activities that require their presence.

  • Two formal parent-teacher conferences take place per year.




  • Students are assessed at different point during the year.  Teachers also use own discretion to assess when required.


Reporting to parents

  • Two school reports will be sent to parents during a year.


School Regulations