All Iqra students will be active learners, contributors and participants in the Muslim community, New Zealand and the world.



The mission of Iqra Elementary School is to provide each student, in partnership with families and the wider Muslim community, an education that meets the academic, physical, social and emotional need of students based on New Zealand curriculum and including Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies.

Iqra Elementary students will receive an education that prepares them for success in further education to prepare them to become adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly and ably in a global community.



These are the values that will be developed through teaching and learning programmes in a day to day life through adult modelling.  


  • Taqwah 

  • Respect for self, others, their own and others’ cultures and religions 

  • Responsibility 

  • Confidence in self, faith and learning 

  • Acceptance 

  • Excellence 

  • Care for self, others and the environment