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Our Learning Journey


Term 4: Rising Stars (Performing Arts)

This term we have focused on the Performing Arts, and Rising Stars. Students had the opportunity to explore the different drama techniques in class. Classes chose a performance they would like to present at prizegiving. Our walls this term reflecting all the different activities and learning that took place. 
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Term 3: Transport & Technology

In term 3, 2018 our big idea was Transport and Technology. The theme that we focused on was ‘Inventions and Innovations; this was done through Social Sciences, Technology and Arts. Our Islamic theme was Hajj and Eid Ul Adha.  Students explored different transports and the history of travel by conducting researches and collating information from books and the internet. They then completed different activities such as a timeline of travel, writing about different modes of transport and thinking about the future of technology and transport. It was awesome to see students think about the transformation technology has made to our daily lives. Students also explored and created Alexander Bartleet styled art work. At the end of term each class had many different activities displayed to show some of the many learning opportunities that took place school wide.

Making our Mural

Once again we made murals , however this term the students were required to bring objects from home. They then hot glue gunned these items onto the inside of a letter (IQRA) and spray painted the inside of the letter gold and coloring the background green to reflect the IQRA colours. This art work was heavily influenced by Alexander Bartleet and teachers and students enjoyed completing them. Keep a look out to see them go up in the near future!

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Term 2: Living World

In term 2, 2018 our big idea was the living world. The theme that we focused on was ‘Animals and Plants; this was done through Science and Visual Arts. Students explored this theme through conducting experiments, writing about life processes, researching different animals and plants, creating dioramas, creating art pieces around different animals and creating a class mural.

Students enjoyed this theme as it allowed them to have a deeper understanding of the world around them and how living things function.


In term 1, 2018 our big idea was discover yourself, connect to your culture. The theme that we focused on was ‘people and culture’; this was done through Social sciences, health and visual arts. Students explored the cultures in their classroom and their own cultures by looking at interesting facts, looking at language spoken, clothing worn, population size, flags and their meanings. Another way that students carried out exploring culture was through art work, this was done through creating a mural. Students had many different ideas for murals and as a class had to come to a consensus on what was important, why it was important and where it should be placed and the sizing etc. At the end of term we created display walls with rich learning activities showing how different classes integrated our big idea into different subjects such as writing, reading, maths and Arabic.

Making murals

Students first explored what murals are, and different types of murals. They then drafted murals and what they would like their mural to look like. Teachers used ideas of students to create a classroom mural, at the same time the symbolism behind each item. Classes then primed their boards with paint, when the primer dried the mural images were projected onto the board and traced. Students then started painting their murals, once complete these were placed in the hall for everyone to admire. 

Term 1: Discover yourself, Connect to your culture

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