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Numeracy in Tasneem (Yr 0-3):


Our Math programmes focus heavily on Number knowledge and strategies, student look at identifying numbers and adding/subtracting numbers. We also explore different strand areas such as measurement, statistics and geometry. Numeracy is integrated into our daily programs e.g. skip counting how many students are at school. Students are given many opportunities to problem solve and use their number knowledge. Classes have fun resources and hands on games that reinforce knowledge taught in small groups (guided by the teacher) and whole class teaching. We use our classroom TVs to complete fun activities on Mathseeds/Mathletics which align with the NZ curriculum.

Numeracy in Kawthar (Yr 4-8)


Numeracy programme in the senior school promotes the use of Mathematical concepts and skills in the real world. The aim is to get students to think in innovative, critical, strategic and logical ways to solve problems and to use mathematical language.


The classroom teaching and learning focuses on number knowledge, number strategies, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. These are taught individually and also in conjunction with each other. All mathematical concepts and skills are reinforced through practical problem solving situations. A lot of emphasis is laid on mastering basic facts. 


Learning apps and websites such as e-ako Maths, Mathletics, Math is Fun, GeoGebra is recommended and used by the students to enrich their learning in Mathematics.

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