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Keeping our children healthy!

At IQRA School, we encourage all our students to adapt a healthy lifestyle and educate them with the benefits it will bring them. Being healthy includes eating healthy meals, exercising regularly and having enough sleep every day.

Looking after students’ health and well-being helps them to concentrate in class and achieve great results.

To ensure IQRA students stay healthy:

  • We run fitness sessions 3 days a week.

  • Our students participate in Fundamental Movement Skills Program.

  • We provide milk every day to our students through Milk for Schools by Fonterra.

  • We run a breakfast club for students who didn’t get the opportunity to have breakfast at home.

  • We have fruity Mondays where students enjoy a healthy snack. 

  • Students are always encouraged to bring healthy food and water to school.

  • We organise sports events throughout the year for example – Adidas Fun Run, and Athletics day.

  • The students participate in swimming lessons during the year.

  • We have health leaders who promote healthy life style.



Preparing school lunches

While making school lunches may not be the best of tasks; it’s certainly an important one. In fact; It is a well-known fact that children who are fueled well during the day have much better concentration and energy levels. Having a well prepared lunch box also means that when your child gets home he or she is not a little monster, due to hunger and flagging energy levels. It important to make sure that your child has a variety of choices to choose from. What’s more important is to make sure that you encourage your child to make healthy choices and to involve them in creating their own packed lunch with the guidance of food group chart.

Breads and cereals food group:

This is the carbohydrate group and is a fantastic source of energy.

  • Bread (pita wraps, buns and fruit breads).

  • Crackers

  • Mini muffins/ small savory cones.

  • Small serves of pasta, pasta salads, rice salads, or rice in the form of sushi.

Fruit and vegetable food group:
Fruit is also a very good energy source while vegetables provide our young ones with the vitamins they need to grow. It’s important to include one fruit and one vegetable option. There are so many choices:

  • Raw fruit: apples, pears, bananas, mandarins, and much more!

  • Vegetables: celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and cocktail tomatoes.

Dairy food group:
This food group is an excellent source of protein, not only is it filling, but it is also a fabulous source of calcium.

  • Cheese: cheese sticks, sandwiches, slices or with crackers.

  • Yoghurt: sticks, drinks.

  • Milk

Meat and meat alternative food group:
This group is also a great source of protein as well as an important source of dietary iron. Whether the lunch choices are made from this group or the Dairy food group; it’s important to make sure that you include a protein based food in your child’s lunch box every day.

  • Meat: chicken, lamb, beef, fish (salmon, sardines and tuna).

  • Eggs & beans: (These can be incorporated into a sandwich or into salads.


Including a drink in the lunch box
It is crucial to ensure that your child has a drink bottle for school. Staying hydrated during school will have a positive impact on the child’s learning as dehydration can cause children to feel sluggish and lose focus during class. It’s important to fill your child’s bottle with water not juice or any other sweetened drinks.

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