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Learning Support

Effective Classroom Teaching

At IQRA effective classroom teaching involves engaging all students in meaningful and authentic classroom programmes which cater to students needs by knowledgeable, skilled and observant teachers. The learning makes connections to the student’s prior knowledge and experiences.


Additional Learning Support:

At IQRA we provide a variety of support programmes to cater for individual needs. Children with specific behaviour and learning needs are carefully monitored and our dedicated SENCo (Specialist Education Needs Coordinator) Zainab Farooqi works with students works with the student, teacher and family. 

Specialist Support:

At IQRA when a child is identified as needing specialist support our Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCo) refers that student, with parent permission to an outside agency.

Some Examples of these agencies include:

-       RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour)

-       RTLIT ((Resource Teacher of Literacy)

-       MOE Learning support services

-       URF (Urgent Response Fund)

-       MOE Severe Behaviour Support Service

-       Public Health Nurse

-       Speech and Language Therapists

-       Educational Psychologists



We also have a specialist ESOL teacher Emma Lunniss who works with students to develop their vocabulary, reading and writing in English.

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