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Learning Journey 2019

Term 1(2019): Whanau & Friendship, Respect & Responsibility 

This year started off with learning about Respect and responsibility and focusing on Whanau and friendships. Classes looked at where we came from, our identity and relating to others in our community and in NZ. Students had opportunities to write about their families, create Pepehas and beautiful art work such as a classroom quilt and other artwork. 


Term 2(2019):Thinking like  a Scientist, Nature of Science  

Term 2 has been a very exciting term, teachers and students were both super excited to be focusing on the Nature of Science. Through doing many investigations and our end of term science experiments we have learnt to think like scientists and carry out scientific investigations. Furthermore, there was a Science fair held in the school hall to showcase all our investigations. Students, Teachers, and Parents were all very excited to see all the learning that had gone on this term.

Term 3(2019):  Sustainabilty, Nature of Science  

Term 3 saw us focus on Sustainability and recycling at IQRA. Students explored and researched the effects of pollution and then found multiple ways we could help reduce our rubbish output. Classes completed fun tasks such as creating projects from recycled material, presenting posters, and writing about sustainability. It was awesome to see the creativity, and passion our students have for taking care of the Earth. Furthermore, it was awesome to see students making links to Islam, and what it teaches us about taking care of the environment and being sustainable. The Room 3 class created paper recycling boxes for the rest of the school to help sort our rubbish, these bins are in each classroom and we are very grateful as it means we are recycling paper correctly.

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