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Home Learning

Year 1

Year one students have a communication book with their homework tasks glued in. Students have a high frequency words list for them to practice, a spelling list of works that need to be learnt, a reader to be read at home, tasks assigned on Math seeds and a worksheet / reader for Arabic.

Year 2

In year 2 students have an envelope with their communication book inside. Inside their communication books are their spelling words for Arabic and English, a reading log, sight words, examples of activities they can do at home for writing and spelling, and their Islamic focus for this term (surah, duaa, name of Allah). The communication book is to keep their handouts safe, this is not a book for students to complete homework in unless a worksheet has been given. Students will also have readers and tasks assigned on Math seeds.

Year 3

The year 3 class has their homework assigned on Google Slides. Students are given work related to Spelling, Arabic , Quran,  Math problem solving and Islamic Studies. Tasks that aligned with topics being taught this week are assigned on Mathletics.  


Year 4 to 7

Homework in the senior school is a reflection and revision of their learning in the classroom. It is set every week on a Wednesday on google classroom and is expected to be returned by the following Monday. Homework for students may include tasks related to literacy, numeracy, Inquiry and Islamic studies. These tasks can also be assigned on websites such as Mathletics or Sunshine Online that the school is using to support teaching and learning. Students have the choice to complete their homework online or in their homework books. 

If a student is unable to do this work or needs additional support a short note of explanation from parents would be appreciated. For Arabic, students will get a special file with a tag for the name and year.

The home work will include a reader in Arabic, an Arabic worksheet, a reading log for the Arabic readers and a Memorization Chart for Quran. The homework file will go out on Monday and is due the next Monday.

Make sure that your child has read the Arabic book and sign that off using the Arabic reading log. Listen to his recitation of Quran for the assigned verses and sign the Memorization Chart. 

Observe them while doing the Arabic worksheet and ask them about what they have understood.

Islamic homework will be given out occasionally.

Encourage your child do the homework but do not do it for them.

Do not panic if you can’t help your child understand a task. They can always come back to the teacher.

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