Admission Procedures
All students are accepted at Iqra Elementary regardless of their religion or sect. The school complies with the rules and regulations of the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

We are a primary registered New Zealand school and accept students in years 1 to 6. 

At Iqra School, we feel that the learning process and environment are of utmost importance; therefore, we do our best to ensure that each student is placed at a level suitable to him/her.

Enrolment Procedures 

All parents are expected to fill out an enrolment form for their child/children. Parents are expected to bring the following documents along with the enrolment form/s:

  1. Proof of residency OR

  2. New Zealand birth certificate OR

  3. New Zealand passport OR

  4. New Zealand certificate of citizenship

  5. Immunisation record

  6. Previous school report.

Parents are requested to complete the enrolment form and hand it to the school before the date the child to attend school.


Attendance Fees

All attendance fees must be paid accordingly:

  1. $1000 full payment for the year upon the child’s first day of school.

  2. An automated 4 payments of $250 per term across the year. Payments for each term must be made at the start of each term.

Registration is not final until the first payment is made.

Parents are requested to pay the fees on time.


Withdrawal Procedures 

If a parents/ guardians wish to withdraw their child/children from Iqra Academy for justifiable reasons after the full enrolment producers have been completed; they must fill out a withdrawal form for their child/children. In such cases, fees may be refunded according to the following conditions:

  1. 100% Refund if the child/children has not yet attended school.

  2. 75% Refund if the child/children is withdrawn within the first school term.

  3. 50% Refund if the child/children is withdrawn within the second school term.  

  4. 25% Refund if the child/children is withdrawn within the third school term.  

  5. No refund is made if the child is withdrawn within the last school term.

A student withdrawn due to disciplinary actions forfeits all rights to any reimbursement.


Fees for school stationary which had been used are non-refundable.