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In the event of a COVID-19 lockdown during alert level 3-4 this is what our families can expect. 


Senior School

Google Classroom: 

Teachers will post daily assignments of work for students to complete which require minimal parent supervision. The work uploaded is relevant to the learning that is already happening in the classroom. Teachers provide feedback and return work to students regularly. 


Daily Catch ups

Our teachers schedule Zoom or Google meets sessions with our students. These sessions involve looking after student well-being, learning and playing some class games. These are proven to be a great way for our students to keep connected with one another and their teachers. 

Teachers may decide to have small group teaching sessions scheduled through zoom. Teachers will liaise with families through Skool Loop, email or google classroom. 


Junior School (0-3)

Home Learning Packs:

Students in the junior school are provided with hard learning packs which have activities for students to do which limits screen time. Home learning packs will be picked up from school at alert level three and be sent home at alert level 4. 


Daily catch ups:

Teachers schedule daily zoom sessions with students. This is important for their wellbeing. Oral language development is crucial to the development of reading and writing. So the zoom sessions for junior students cater to this. 

Online Apps/ Websites:

Students are encouraged to use Sunshine Online daily, Mathseeds and Mathletics as well as Alifbata. Teachers may send extra websites for students to try using google classroom


Arabic and Quran


Students will have access to MQROA (4-7) and Alifbata (0-3). Students are encouraged to use these daily. Arabic teachers will also regularly post on google classroom activities that students can work on. 



Students will focus on learning about and memorising the Surah of the week. as well as personally revising their Qaaida and Quran reading. 


Daily Catch ups:

Arabic/ Quran teachers will meet with students twice weekly. 



IQRA school will communicate any updates through Skool Loop. Teachers will also keep in contact through email and Skool loop. Please email your classroom teacher in the first instance if you have any challenges with distance learning. 

If you have any technical difficulties please contact

All usernames and passwords have been sent at the beginning of the year or when your child has started school.

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