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Board and Staff Elections 2022

The Establishment Board of Iqra School would like to congratulate the following elected parents and staff rep who polled the highest in the election for the Board and staff rep for Iqra School.


Iqra School Board


Parent elected representatives

  • Mariam Arif

  • Wasim Chamma

  • Bilel Ragued


Staff representative

  • Mohammed Tashmeer


Proprietor representative

  • Two Proprietor representative – to be confirmed by the proprietors



  • Micheal King

We welcome the first elected board of Iqra School to the position and wish them all success in the role as governors of the school. The Establishment Board would like to acknowledge and thank the candidates who were unsuccessful in their bid for election. Ensuring the school had an election process is part of the democratic process. 


The board will have their first official meeting next Tuesday 20 September at 7.00pm at Iqra School.

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