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Baseline expectations:


  • Students are expected to display excellent standards of courtesy, co-operation, consideration and common sense.


  • We do not expect them to misbehave or cause undue concern.


  • We do not expect them to take up a disproportionate amount of time when there is a job to be done.


  • Violence, willful disobedience, vandalism and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.



Some Strategies for Classroom Teachers:


  • Counsel and make expectations clear.


  • Brief time out for misbehaviour should be the norm (e.g. suggested time: 5 year olds = 5 minutes; 8 years olds = 8 minutes, etc.)


  • Written reflection by the students.


  • Alteration of seating arrangements.


  • Discussion with, and enlisting the support of the Principal or Deputy Principal when discipline problems continue to grow is required.


  • In a case of crisis behaviour management, send for the Principal immediately.


In all cases of serious misbehaviour or concern, the Principal needs to be fully involved.

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