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Assessments & Reporting

We encourage a strong partnership between the parent, teacher and child. We believe that this partnership fosters greater progress and achievement in children. At IQRA We do this in a number of ways.


Students Led Conferences:

Student led conferences are an opportunity for the child, parent and teacher to work together. Students are given the opportunity to share their work, discuss the progress they have made and their next learning steps. Teachers discuss the report they have written and the progress of the child. Parents are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning and to ask questions.


You are encouraged to meet with teachers when you need to speak about your child, throughout the term.


Reporting for year 1-8

Parents will receive two reports per year. One is the mid-Year report and the other is our end of year report. The mid-year report will be given to the child at the student led conferences at the end of term two. The end of year report will be given to students on the last day of school. 

Six- Year Net:

Once students have been enrolled at school for one year. Students will undertake assessments for the Six year net. The classroom teacher will then meet with parents to discuss this report. 



At the end of the year reports will also include comments on Integrated Studies, The Arts and Health and P.E as well as a general comment.

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