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We are a group of Muslims who have come together with aim of establishing a school to cater for the needs of the Auckland Muslim community. We believe this project is for the benefit of the entire Muslim community and therefore this independent trust has been established to be inclusive of Muslims from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

We have chosen to name the trust after a famous scholar from the golden age of Islam. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi (translated as Algoritmi) is a well a known Muslim mathematician from the 7th century who is credit for establishing the bases for Algebra and Trigonometry. He also made contributions to astronomy and geography. The word Algorithm is derived from his name and Algebra is named after one of his famous books. By naming the trust after this great scholar we hope to link our future generations with their esteemed heritage and help them forge a brighter future.

The trust will be responsible for all stages of this project from the purchase of the premises through to collecting the funds, developing the curriculum, equipping the school, organizing the teaching and management staff and ensuring the overall success of the project. All this work will be driven by a dedicated group of Muslims whose efforts will be supplemented by several committees consisting of qualified members of the community dedicated to different aspects of the project.

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